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Angeion Group leverages our settlement administration experience and advanced technology capabilities to assist law firms and their clients in all aspects of lien and subrogation resolution. We provide lien resolution services for personal injury and mass tort related settlement programs. Angeion delivers the vision and expertise that helps counsel to navigate the often murky waters of healthcare lien resolution, and the resources that off-load time consuming administrative burdens.

Medicare Lien Resolution

Angeion streamlines the entire lien resolution process contacting agencies nationwide that administer and enforce all Medicare rules and regulations. We negotiate directly with these offices to reduce the lien and eliminate unrelated charges for plaintiffs and file the needed appeals and documents as required to facilitate lien reduction.

State Medicaid Lien Resolution

Our professionals have deep knowledge of the applicable Medicaid laws and familiarity with the multitude of plans across the country. We utilize this know-how in working directly with state agencies and negotiating with officials to reduce liens through both legal and medical arguments.

Private Insurance & ERISA Lien Resolution

Our experience with ERISA and private health plans enables us to effectively interact with both Department of Labor officials and private plan representatives. Angeion works directly with these contacts to negotiate lien amounts and determine the defenses available to the lien.

Medicare Set Asides (MSA)

Angeion professionals are skilled at composing and allocating Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs), which is increasingly becoming an important focus in workers’ compensation litigation, as well as liability cases. We work to protect your clients’ Medicare interests, consult with you regarding future medical expense liabilities, and process all aspects of a MSA.