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Angeion Group Announces Strategic Partnership with ClaimScore to Enhance AngeionAffirm Fraud Detection System

Angeion Group, a pioneer in class action settlement solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with ClaimScore, an industry leader in AI-driven claim validation software. This collaboration will fortify AngeionAffirm, Angeion’s cutting-edge fraud detection system, with ClaimScore’s proprietary scoring, monitoring, and reporting software.

AngeionAffirm, introduced by Angeion Group, utilizes deep machine learning and AI technologies, drawing insights from a decade’s worth of claims data. ClaimScore uses AI-based algorithms and complex cloud architecture to deliver real-time claim validation through a proprietary scoring system. AngeionAffirm and ClaimScore will connect through ClaimScore’s recently released API. The synergy between Angeion’s claims data, ClaimScore’s advanced software architecture, and the companies’ expertise in fraud detection, marks a significant advancement in combatting fraudulent activities within class action settlements.

The partnership between Angeion and ClaimScore was solidified during their collaboration to identify fraud in Jimenez v. Artsana USA, Inc., where extensive fraud was detected. With nearly 9 million claims filed, the meticulous review conducted by ClaimScore and Angeion revealed an alarming 8.9 million fraudulent claims. This collaborative effort resulted in substantial savings for the settlement process and will ensure that valid claimants, and valid claimants only, are paid their rightful share of the settlement’s proceeds.

Christopher Chorba of Gibson Dunn – a “go to” defense counsel for large scale class actions – praised the strategic partnership, noting that he has worked with both companies, and, in his opinion, both are “on the cutting edge” of addressing the technologic, large-scale fraud present in recent cases. Chorba noted that the analyses and backup data provided by the combined technologies will be “next level” and stated that “the claim validation and anti-fraud services provided by the two companies is something that I will recommend for my clients in all cases that I handle going forward.”

High profile plaintiff’s counsel, Charles Schaffer of Levin Sedran and Berman, LLP noted, “Angeion Group, and particularly AngeionAffirm, has been instrumental in identifying and remediating fraudulent filings in many settlements where I was lead counsel. Their technology, historical claims data, and ability to ferret out fraud is unmatched. I am excited to see how this strategic partnership strengthens an already remarkable product offering.”

Steven Weisbrot, CEO and President of Angeion Group, expressed his optimism about the partnership, stating, “Working together with ClaimScore not only reinforces our commitment to combatting fraud but also enhances the efficiency and efficacy of our fraud detection efforts. This partnership underscores our dedication to upholding the importance of class action settlements.”

Robert Gallo, CEO of ClaimScore, echoed those sentiments, noting that “Steve and his team are leaders in the class action administration business, and we are proud that they have chosen to use our software along with their innovations to provide an efficient and transparent solution to the growing problem of fraud in class settlements.”  

Moving forward, Angeion and ClaimScore are committed to further enhancing AngeionAffirm with additional layers of protection, ensuring fair and just outcomes for all claimants.

About Angeion Group
Angeion Group stands at the forefront of settlement administration and legal noticing services. Leveraging advanced technology, proven best practices, and expert consulting, Angeion specializes in managing class actions, mass torts, and collective redress administration. Angeion’s dedication to efficiency, accountability, and excellence instills confidence in counsel and the court alike. 

About ClaimScore
ClaimScore LLC ( is a technology company that offers AI-based claim validation software for class action settlements. Designed to provide a transparent and efficient approach to the claims process, ClaimScore’s proprietary scoring system and real-time reporting stands as the gold standard in claim validation software.