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Propelling settlement
administration into the
21st century

Changing times call for changed approaches.
Angeion is at the forefront of the industry — writing the new rules.
We provide best-in-class legal noticing services and class
action administration.

Innovation in our DNA

Keep class members better informed with influencers, content creators, and chatbots. Ensure progressive data security and accessibility policies under best practices and policies.

Psychology-backed strategy

Harness behavioral and economic psychology to design claims processes and reduce fraud. Rely on neurocognitive data to determine choice prompts in the class member journey.

Our story: disrupting the status quo

Angeion Group was founded with a mission to modernize class action notice, administration, and class member payments — and take the industry into the 21st century. Angeion walks into an industry that was not known for innovation — and demands change.


Angeion continues to appeal for change in the industry. They promote 21st-century communication and money transfers that don’t require class members to trudge down to a check-cashing store to access their funds.

2014 - 2016

The Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules set up a series of public hearings to contemplate amending the rules to account for the realities of the 21st century.

Angeion fights for modernized legal noticing and funds distribution. Other legal notice providers urge the Rules Committee to maintain the status quo.


In February, Angeion Group CEO Steven Weisbrot testifies at the request of the rules committee. “The new proposed rule is rooted in commonsense and progressive logic that mirrors the current media landscape yet remains flexible enough to accommodate the changes in technology and media that currently shape, and will inevitably continue to inform, advertising performance for years into the future.” He discusses algorithmic advertising, advanced targeting using Big Data, and other high-tech tactics. “I am confident that the proposed amendment, when combined with rigorous judicial analysis, will not only safeguard class members’ right to receive the best notice practicable, but it will also increase efficacy and efficiency, to the collective benefit of all stakeholders.”


For the first time in 15 years, Rule 23 is formally amended to allow for notice by electronic or other means. Angeion propels notice into the 21st century.


Changing the rules isn’t enough. Angeion continues to advocate for clear and appropriate class member communications, modern and thoughtful digital distribution, and user-friendly class member websites and portals.

2019 - 2021

Angeion manages administration for many of the largest, most well-known, and most complex settlements in history, involving billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of class members. And they aren’t finished yet.

2019 - 2021

In 2022 alone, Angeion sends over 300 million electronic notices to class members and distributes over 10 million digital disbursements.


Angeion is projected to send 600 million electronic notices to class members and distribute over 20 million digital disbursements.


Angeion continues in its mission: to break the status quo and make the class member experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Angeion is not just changing the rules, Angeion is writing the rules — and class members, attorneys, and judges are taking notice.


Meet our team

We’re a team of 130+ people across 3 continents. We maintain a trusted and proven track record in over 2,000 class action administrations and notice programs, and we’ve distributed over $12 billion to class members.

Shawn Naugle

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Burrows

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Eckhardt

Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Hallman

Chief Technology Officer

Christian J. Clapp, Esq.

Senior Vice President of Class Action & Mass Tort Services

Kendall S. Zylstra

Senior Vice President of Class Action & Mass Tort Services

Brett Wilmot

Vice President of Class Action & Mass Tort Services

Jennifer Green

Vice President of Class Action & Mass Tort Services

Michael Lynch, Esq.

Director of Commercial Services

Maria Ortiz

Director of Human Resources

Thomas Delguercio

Director of Information Technology

Gabriella Ward

Director of Marketing

Risa Neiman

Director of Operations

Tom Moore

UK Managing Director

Maria José Azar-Baud

Global Collective Actions Advisor

Sam Cave

Technology Operations Director

Troy Walitsky

Assistant Director of Business Operations

Our impact

We’re committed to making our world a better place. Here’s how:


Committed to a greener, more responsible tomorrow

We believe that every small action helps build a more sustainable future. We actively promote eco-friendly solutions in the workplace to reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible citizenship. Our sustainability commitments:

  • Reusable notepads

    To reduce paper waste, we've provided our employees with reusable notepads. This simple yet impactful change encourages our team to jot down important notes and ideas while minimizing paper consumption. Choosing reusable notepads reduces our paper consumption and lowers our carbon footprint.

  • Reusable mugs

    Each Angeion Group team member now enjoys their beverages in reusable mugs, eliminating the need for disposable cups and lids. Reusable mugs help reduce plastic pollution and promote eco-conscious habits among our employees.

  • Sustainability culture

    We've fostered a sustainability culture within our organization, encouraging employees to adopt eco-friendly practices — from carpooling to recycling and reducing energy consumption. Together, we're creating a more responsible and environmentally conscious workplace


Committed to a kinder, more caring tomorrow

We’re fighters for justice. People who genuinely care. We donate to causes like

  • Global Fund For Women
  • National Women’s Law Center
  • Children’s Defense Fund (Leave No Child Behind®)
  • Pennsylvania Innocence Project
  • The Jorge Nation Foundation (JNF)
  • Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
  • Lambda Legal
  • Magen David Adom
  • Public Justice
  • The Public Interest Law Center
  • LGBTQ Bar

We’re writing the rules.

Have your settlement administration managed by the leaders of the industry. Learn how we can propel your settlement to the finish line.