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Angeion Group provides comprehensive services and consulting expertise for mass tort administration. Our services are designed to help our clients achieve the highest value resolution of cases efficiently and cost-effectively. Each case is managed by our seasoned professional team of attorneys, project managers and noticing experts who have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of mass torts. Angeion delivers end-to-end support for every step of the mass tort administration process – including data intake and management, records retrieval, claims adjudication, lien resolution and Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) distribution.


Data Intake and Management

Leveraging our technology infrastructure and technical staff, Angeion will work with your firm on the seamless transfer of intake forms, HIPAA authorization forms and all other case related data. We perform data analysis to ensure all files are processed efficiently and then populate our internal database with all information provided for easy, secure access.

Records Retrieval

Personal injury mass torts typically require a detailed medical records review process. Angeion offers complete medical record review and claimant qualification support and will work with defendant’s counsel to manage all additional records review requests.

Claims Processing and Notification

Our professionals manage all mass tort claims adjudication requirements including the development of allocation criteria, award allocation, and the development of claims documentation. Leveraging our world-class noticing capabilities, we’ll coordinate all communications with claimants to support an expedited settlement process.

Lien Resolution

Our lien resolution services ensure that liens are resolved efficiently and that claimants future benefits are not compromised by their claim payments.

QSF Management and Distribution

Angeion offers QSF administration services to facilitate the timely disbursement of settlement proceeds and the resolution of all settlement considerations. Our experts serve as court-appointed Qualified Settlement Fund Administrators who manage all aspects of account setup, management, disbursement, tax filing, and fund closing procedures.