Legal Noticing Services

Innovative and customized solutions to reach your audience

When counsel is tasked with notifying millions, if not billions, of unknown members of a class action settlement, they require a partner with deep media experience, substantial legal expertise and the ability to think outside the box.

The notice experts at Angeion Group work with counsel to develop the most cost-effective notice plan strategies to maximize class member reach and minimize cost. We provide a full range of legal noticing services in support of class action settlements including antitrust, securities, consumer, wage and hour, general labor and employment, product defect, and pharmaceutical settlement. Utilizing a measureable and industry-approved methodology, including the most targeted combination of traditional paid media (print and broadcast), digital, social and mobile media, and innovative direct marketing, Angeion implements notice plans for any class, regardless of unique demographic or linguistic requirements.

CAFA Notice Services

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA) includes a requirement that the United States Attorney General and certain state officials of any state in which a class member resides be provided certain information about a proposed settlement no later than 10 days after the settlement is filed in court. Engaging Angeion Group’s assistance in complying with this requirement can simplify the process, especially when dealing with a large class with residents in multiple states.

Angeion’s proven claims administration processes and class action notice services can bring greater efficiency to achieving CAFA compliance. Leveraging our notification expertise, we will ensure that all CAFA requirements are met in a streamlined and cost effective manner. Our professionals will assemble all the necessary data and documents; deliver notice to the appropriate officials; track deliveries; and produce a delivery confirmation report as requested.