Changing the Rules in Claims Administration
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Representative Cases

Angeion Group’s end-to-end class action services, best practice approaches, and dedicated operational infrastructure provide a streamlined and efficient administration path for all types of class action matters including: Antitrust, Securities, Labor & Employment, and Consumer. Some of the cases being managed by our settlement administration team include:

  • Citizens Bank Forced Placed Insurance-Cook v. RBS Citizens, N.A, and Richards v. RBS Citizens, N.A.
  • Allan, et al. v. Realcomp II Ltd., et al.
  • Diombera, et al. v. The Riese Organization, Inc.
  • Remington Firearms Class Action Settlement
  • Alexander Gurevich v. Royal Ambulance, Inc. and Kevin Dickens, e al. v. Royal Ambulance, Inc.
  • Gittens, et al. v. RM HQ, LLC d/b/a “Chevy’s Fresh Mex”
  • Guttentag et al. v. Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
  • Orakwue, et al. v. Selman & Associates Ltd., et al.
  • Jantz, et al. v. Social Security Administration
  • Gentry & Smith v. Scientific Drilling, Int’l, Inc.
  • Niver, et al. v. Specialty Oilfield Solutions, Ltd., et al.
  • In re Star Scientific, Inc. Securities Litigation
  • Puglisi et al v. TD Bank
  • Tanner et al. v. TPUSA, Inc.
  • Hernandez, et al., v. UBS AG, et al.
  • United Bancorp Merger Litigation
  • Sheppard v. Weatherford International, LLC, et al.
  • William and Virginia McCurdy, et al. v. Wilkinson Enterprises, Inc.
  • Shemika Carter, et al. v. Youth Services, Int’l, Inc.